Huge display of Fiat news for the Geneva Motor Show

It’s less than a week before the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors. The opening day will be on Monday, March 7, although the opening to the public will be held two days later, Wednesday 9. We already know many of the news that we will see from different manufacturers, but we are still receiving new information, That will have to add the products that will be there by surprise.

The Fiat stand will be full; And is that the brand usually uses this great showcase to present and display both totally new products and some special versions. In this case, at least we will see 4 important news, most of them being new special editions or equipment. Of all, one especially draws our attention, the Fiat 500 Sessantesimo.

Fiat 500 Sessantesimo

We all have recorded in our memory some dates. One of the most important dates of Fiat is the 4th of July 1957. That day saw the light for the first time the Fiat 500, the most emblematic model of the Italian brand. In 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of that very special launch and from Fiat they want to celebrate it all the way. That is why in Geneva we will see the Fiat 500 Sessantesimo.

It is an exclusive and numbered edition with different aesthetic thanks to a new white tricolor color called “Dolce Vita”. Also, we will find the multitude of specific details like the vinyl dashboard, the vintage logo, the chrome mustaches or the convertible body with gray bonnet among many others. As a curiosity, we will see a special logo with the inscription 500, with the number “6” drawn inside the second digit and in red.

The deliveries will begin on July 4 and can be mechanically associated with thrusters 69 hp 1.2 and 85 hp 0.9 TwinAir, also opting to 95 hp diesel engine.

S-Design special series for Fiat 500X and Fiat Type 5 doors

The Fiat 500X and Type 5 doors receive a new special series called S-Design for customers looking for a point of distinction.

In the case of the Fiat 500X, in the stand, we will see an S-Design City Look unit in matte Green Alpi color, which can be ordered from June and is equipped with the 1.4 MultiAir 140 hp engine and double clutch DCT. The color of the body will not only be noticeable, but the details on the side moldings, the door and boot handles, the rearview mirrors and the front whiskers are glossy black. In the passenger compartment, you can also see many elements and upholstered in dark tones.

The Fiat Type 5 doors S-Design will be positioned at the highest level in the range of the compact. With the exclusive “Gris Strada” body color for this version, the front will receive the bright black calender (or Piano Black), will debut bixenón headlights with a performance 30% higher than the standard halogens. We will also find the glossy black on the front air intakes and on the rearview mirror housings. The 18-inch wheels and darkened rear windows will finish finishing the set.

Meanwhile, in the interior will appear leather seats, totally new textures for the Type range and a specific dashboard. Under the hood, it will be possible to associate to the mechanics 1.4 T-Jet 120 CV (in version petrol and LPG-petrol) and 1.6 MultiJet of 120 CV.

Fiat Fullback Cross

The Fiat Fullback is the pick-up model of the Italian brand. In the Geneva Motor Show opens a new version called Cross, which is offered in the configuration of the double cab with 5.28 meters in length and 3 meters of wheelbase. Its aesthetics, as we see in the images, is much more stylized looking for an offroad approach. Thus, we find a front grille with matt black details, the tone that is also used in mirrors, handles and wheel arches. The 17-inch wheels and stirrups round off the front profile. In the rear area, highlight the anti-tip bar.

The engine associated with this version is the 2.4 diesel 180 hp and 430 Nm, enough energy to move it with ease. Its top speed is 179 km / h, very high for a pick-up. For the transmission, it is possible to opt for a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic with cams behind the steering wheel, while for traction it has two drive axles, Torsen center differential with lock, gearbox and rear differential lock.

Fiat 124 Spider Europe

The Fiat 124 Spider is the two-seater and convertible model developed together with the Mazda MX-5 and the Abarth 124 Spider. In Geneva, we will see a special edition called Fiat 124 Spider Europe that will include, among other things, 17-inch and four-spoke Mopar-designed wheels, silver-tone rear-view mirrors and black leather seats. Also inside will bring a commemorative plaque and numbered. Regarding the equipment, it will be very complete with 4 airbags, adaptive Full LED headlights, 9 speaker Bose sound system, cruise control, keyless opening and reversing camera among others.


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