McLaren 650S successor spy photos

[ Motors24x7 spy photos ] Recently, foreign media exposure of a group of McLaren 650S successor models of low camouflage spy photos, the car code-named P14, will be opening in March 2017 Geneva Motor Show debut on .

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McLaren 650S successor spy photo
McLaren 650S successor spy photo

From the spy point of view, McLaren 650S successor P14 with a new design, which changed the front face, the new car to cancel the cash on the models of boomerang-type headlamps, lamp group shape more narrow, front hatch increased ventilation. In addition, P14 also uses a new front bumper design.

Inside and rear, the new car line to be more abundant, the tail is still used in the home dual exhaust, and will feature a new rear spoiler .

McLaren 650S successor In the power section, McLaren P1 4 still will be equipped with conventional twin-turbocharged V8 engine , according to previous news, this engine ‘s maximum power is expected to exceed 675 horsepower.


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